Universal Life Church
Universelle Lebenskirche Hessen

Our mother church

Our mother church is that
Universal Life Church in Modesto California USA.
It is a universal church and has people from all walks of life and from all religions in its ranks.
Universal Life Church has planted churches all over the world, and the sun never sets for Universal Life Church.
That is why it calls itself a universal church.
There is a very liberal orientation of religion in the Universal Life Church, but also a very conservative orientation.
The Universal Life Church has never met anyone who disagreed with its teaching.
The Universal Life Church firmly believes that their doctrine is the universal role.
Within the Universal Life Church there is a firm belief that everyone is a part of universal life.
In the awareness that people are a part of this universal life, like-minded people are on the lookout to walk this path together with them.
In the Universal Life Church one is sure that one can satisfy all believers and thus give them a home in the faith. Within the church one prays in faith that all people on earth come together as one in love and work for the good of humanity.

Our Mother Church's international headquarters are in Stanislaus County, in the city of Modesto.
The city of Modesto is about 120 km south of Sacramento.
The area around Modesto is characterized by agriculture.
The Universal Life Church building is on the corner of Third Street and F Street.
The office is just behind the church on F Street. The chapel has about 150 seats and there are regular services and other events every Sunday at 10:00 a.m., and everyone is welcome there.
Even if there is sometimes little time, you try to have personal conversations with people on site as often as possible.
In the church services and other events, everyone has the opportunity to speak, as the services are more or less open.
The office hours in the church office are Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If you ever have the opportunity to drive through Modesto and want to visit Universal Life Church then please do so. You will be welcomed with open arms and they are very happy to get to know you.

The Universal Life Church in Modesto is the first and original church and therefore our mother church.