Universal Life Church
Universelle Lebenskirche Hessen

Our offers

Our offers:

Pastoral care, Internet church services,
Free baptism, free church wedding,
Blessing of the sick, blessing of a deceased,
Free eulogy, free funeral,
Grief counseling, emergency pastoral care.

We are always available for personal discussions
available, also for contact by email.
* Phone: 0151 21510594
* Email: pastor.schwabulc@gmail.com

In cooperation with the
Independent Christian Life Counseling e.V.
Frankfurt, Offenbach
* Phone: 069 99994708,
* Mobile: 0179 5958543
* Email: gzza108@yahoo.de
we offer the following services:
Meditation, crisis intervention, systemic counseling,
Help with finding work and accommodation,
Private personal advice.

* Internet worship:
Sundays 10:00 a.m., with Bishop Ulrich Schwab
in our house chapel or in the apartments of the members.

* The church services and other events will be on
Youtube and on facebook,
in the group of the Apostolic Catholic Church ULC
published so that everyone can work from home
to participate in the service.