Universal Life Church
Apostolische Christliche Gemeinde ULC

Sin and forgivenes

Are you looking for forgiveness for your sins?

Many of us know what a confession is.
A confession is nothing more than a
Conversation between a believer
and his pastor.

What is such a conversation actually about?

You have sinned before God and man
and you would like to be forgiven.
You are ready to put this sin away
and want to make amends before God.
Then your pastor can help you.
You can confide in him
by confessing your sin to him
and ready to talk about it.
This conversation falls under that
** Confessional secret
and no one will know about it.
The pastor is the mediator between God and the sinner.
The only thing you gotta do
you have to be honest with God
and repent of your sin with all your heart.
Together we will find a way like you
Can make amends for what you've done
There is always a way out,
if we trust in God you just have to believe!

Matthew 18; 15-20

** In the case of criminal offenses, a clergyman can
of the Apostolic Catholic Church - ULC
are legally required to testify in court,
in this case the confessional secret does not exist!