Universal Life Church
Apostolische Christliche Gemeinde ULC


Training in the 
Universal Life Church

 We in the Universal Life Church attach great importance to our clergy receiving a good education. The Universal Life Church Seminary also offers good and extensive study programs. The courses are completed with weekly lessons and assignments.

Universal life Church Seminary is a registered church and has established these online seminars to improve the quality and training of ministers within Universal Life Church, Modesto, California USA, its affiliated churches and other independent churches worldwide.

You can take as many courses as you like at the same time, and most of them last 20 weeks.

The courses are free, the emails are free.

There are fees for the lessons and for the online seminars there is a one-time fee for issuing the respective certificate and for postage for shipping.

As a seminar student, however, you will receive exclusive information that is not made available to the public.